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docker4lamp - A LAMP Docker development environment

I have made this project (Docker For LAMP) publically available on Github, under the MIT license.

The target user group is php developers who want or need a simple, minimal (yet very current) LAMP development environment. I want this to be friendly to new developers, and a useful alternative to localhost environments like xamp, mamp or wamp.

Ideally it offers the type of convenience and isolation of a vagrant lamp environment except with orchestrated containers.
While there are still things I plan to add to docker4LAMP, what it currently provides is:

Everything needed to use docker-compose and have a localhost based environment with:

PHP 8.012
Apache 2
xdebug-3.1.1 (and documentation for connecting the Visual Studio Code debugger to the container)
PhpMyAdmin running by default on port 8080
Allowance for customization of mysql, php and apache configuration files
Composer installed in the Server container
A simple .env file that handles container naming, allowing for multiple unique container setups and port changes through simple text edits
A preconfigured place to put project development files, that can support modern front-controller framework based applications
Some basic but essential documentation on using it.

My goal with the project was to create something that even developers starting out would be able to get up and running, requiring little configuration (edit 1 variable setting in a .env file) prior to starting development of modern php code.

You can find docker4LAMP on Github.
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